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 100% Natural without preservatives or additives


A novel technology worldwide

The company Kissfruit, headquartered in Murcia, the European center of Citrus industry, has develop a world novel technology which allows to freeze the citrus and at the same time retaining the completely organoleptic and rheological characteristics, that mean, flavor, taste, color and texture, just like the fresh fruit.

The whole process is done by physical processing, without any additives, that’s why the Kissfruit products are 100% natural without a significant increase in prices.

Simple & Quick

Once opened it’s as simple as just popping slices, popfruit or natural peel Kissfruit into the dish, glass or dessert to instantly enjoy the characteristics of freshly cut fruit.

Economical & Profitable

There are no peeling fruit wastes or product surpluses, since, once the bag is opened you will be able to enjoy the flavour, taste and texture as freshly cut fruit for hours.

Food safety & Monitoring

European and American Food Certificates are guaranteed as well as a constant monitoring process. In terms of prevention of occupational risks, accidents like cutting are avoided.


Thanks to the commitment with innovation and its development, we offer a wide range of products according industry need’s : HORECA, Bakery, Ice creams, Gourmet, etc.

Product Range

Slices, Popfruit, Natural Peel  and Drehidrated Fruit in different formats


 Round or half slices and chunks with or without seeds. Test and check how refreshing, tasty and natural it is.


A wide range of stone fruit, tropical fruit and berries. In just seconds you will be able to enjoy it in an easy way.


Citrus natural peel in several formats: Cubes, strips and zests. Spacially for Bakery, Gourmet or haute cuisine.