A World-first Technology

The company KISSFRUIT, located in Murcia, the European centre of citrus fruit production, has developed a new technology at world level. This technology makes it possible to freeze citrus fruit, preserving all its rheological and organoleptic characteristics. Aroma, flavour and texture, just like fresh fruit.

The whole process is carried out by means of physical processing, without any kind of additives, so all KISSFRUIT products are 100% natural, without significantly increasing the price of the fruit.

Quick & Easy

Simply take a slice and place it on your plate, cocktail, dessert, etc. There is no need to defrost it and after a few seconds, its appearance and aroma is exactly the same as that of a freshly cut slice of fruit.

Inexpensive & Cost-effective

No product is wasted at the end of the day because, even if the bag is opened, the product is preserved in exactly the same way, keeping all its organoleptic properties, and can be used later without any problems.

Hygiene & Control

We comply with European and American health and hygiene standards, in addition to an internal process quality and control system. In terms of occupational risk prevention, accidents are avoided since there is no risk of cutting.

Research & Development

Thanks to our constant commitment to innovation and development, we have new products adapted to the various areas and specific needs of each sector, such as: HORECA, Confectionery, Ice Cream industry, etc.

Certified quality


Product Range