Farm ‘Los Cánovas’ – Murcia (Spain)


The production process starts on our farms, where thanks to the weather, the good lands, the knowledge, and our good willingness, we make the best quality citruses.


Afterward, they go through a selection process, and they are washed. We cut them in different ways and use an advanced ultra-frozen technique with the IQF system, using a process that keeps all the quality and the organoleptic properties of the fruits. Then we have a frozen product but loose, not in a block.


We don’t use chemicals or additives during production. When the freezing process is done, we package it in different formats, always adapting to the preferences of the customer.


In one of the most beautiful zones of Spain, we grow the best-quality lemons, limes, and oranges in conventional and ecological lands. The fruit is harvested throughout the year thanks to the use of different varieties: ‘Primofiori’, ‘Verna’, ‘Rodrejo’, ‘Segundo’, and ‘Macrophyla’. We grow our products on different farms:

– Farm “Los Cánovas” (Murcia / Spain).

– Farm “Los Montesinos” (Murcia / Spain).


The harvest is exclusively done by hand and during the highest level of maturity. Laborers only choose the best pieces, without defects, and with the appropriate level of maturity.

After the harvest, in the next steps, the fruit is carefully treated to prevent pressure marks or other damage.


We advise you throughout the process, both in the format and in the design of your bag or packaging. Choose the references you are interested in, and our marketing and communication team will manage the rest of the work.

We also accept private labels, and your design and brand.

We adapt to the preferences of all national and international markets, do not hesitate to contact us!