Production is simple, the result of a thorough knowledge of plant tissue behaviour, especially that of citrus fruit. In the first stage of processing, the fruit is washed and then cut into perfect pieces. The pieces are then frozen using a self-developed technique (progressive freezing), which ensures that fruit cell membranes are not ruptured. No chemicals or additives of any kind are used during all these production stages. When the freezing process is completed, the fruits are packed in 1/2 kg, 1 kg or 5 kg bags and ready for shipment.

Crop Growing

In one of the most beautiful areas of Spain, the best lemons, oranges and limes are grown in traditional and ecological orchards. The fruit is harvested throughout the year, due to its varieties (Fino or Primofiori, Verna, Rodrejo, Segundo and traditional Macrophylla).


Harvesting is carried out exclusively manually and at the highest level of ripeness. Our day-labourers select only the best fruit, free of defects and with the right degree of ripeness. After harvesting, the fruit is very carefully processed in the next stages in order to prevent pressure marks or other damage.

Your Product

You can find our fresh and tasty fruit slices in the freezer of any well-stocked specialist retailer. Take a package home and your next party will be a blast, thanks to KISSFRUIT and our frozen fruit slices.