Benefits of the frozen IQF fruit

The benefits of the frozen IQF fruits are becoming more and more popular. This post is directed to the people who don’t know yet the benefits and ask themselves: What is the IQF frozen fruit? From Kiss Fruit, specialists in IQF fruits, this post is dedicated to them.

The freezing IQF process (individually quick-frozen), consists of the ultrafast freeze of the fruit. This way the fruit texture, nutritional values, presence, and flavor are completely unchanged after the defrost.

In a conventional and slow freezing process, ice crystals affect the citruses and fruit texture changing the flavor and nutritive values or original properties. That is the reason why the IQF freezing process is providing with countless advantages to the hostelry, consumers, big warehouses, and everyone wishing to taste the fruit and at the same time have it for a long period.

We hope this post was useful to get to know the concept of IQF frozen fruit and its advantages. We offer the best information and the best product.