Benefits of the frozen IQF Lime

As we mention in our blog post: Benefits of the frozen IQF fruit, there are a lot of benefits of the IQF – individually quick-frozen process. Now, we are going to know the benefits of this process applied to our IQF Limes.

In Kiss Fruit, we have the best limes, obtained on the farms located in the Region of Murcia, the garden of Europe, such as ‘Los Cánovas’ farm.

Having the best product is the reason why we value delivering it to our customers in the best preserved and unchanged way, which is only possible thanks to the IQF product.

The lime has nutritive properties which are crucial to health, vitamin C, and antioxidant properties, and all the flavor and joy are ready to serve with the IQF Kiss Fruit guarantee.

Citruses and specifically limes are perishables: once they are picked from the tree, time is against them, and their properties plummet if time is not frozen for them. In Kiss Fruit, we stop that time with the best IQF process, and we serve the fruits in the best possible conditions, from the farm to the table.